Primary Purpose
The primary purpose of  the Pulaski County Public Library Meeting Rooms are to provide a space for library-sponsored activities and programs that expand access to information and help the library fulfill its’ mission.  The secondary purpose is to bring together library resources and Pulaski County community activities.

Appropriate Community Room Use  
When the Meeting Rooms are not scheduled for a library activity or program, they are available on an equitable basis to Pulaski County business, and/or non-profit organizations for civic, cultural, information, or educational programs or meetings.  Children’s groups may use the room if they are supervised by someone over the age of 18.  Programs and meetings must be free of charge.  The only exception is if the attendee is paying for their meal or fees for non-profit membership or dues.  Tuition for classes sponsored by an Accredited Educational Institution should be collected in advance.  There may be no solicitation, promotions, or sale of items, unless sponsored by the library.  Attendance may not exceed the capacity of the rooms.

Groups using the Meeting Rooms may not distribute literature, brochures, or other materials to library customers.  Smoking and alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

Inappropriate Meeting Room Use
The Meeting Rooms may not be used for private social functions such as showers, birthdays or recitals unless sponsored by the Library.  

Meetings may not interfere with normal library operations because of noise or other factors.  Conduct disturbing regular library use or infringing on any library rules is not permitted.  The individual who signs the meeting room request is responsible for the supervision of the group.

 Available Times
Any scheduled meeting must begin before the library closes at 7:00 p.m.  No meetings will be scheduled on days the library is closed for Holiday’s etc.  Any scheduled meeting that will take place at a Library Branch location, must begin and end during the Library Branch Operating Hours (See Branch Meeting Room Policy).

The audio visual cabinet will be locked.  Arrangements to use this equipment must be requested at the time the reservation is made.  The library does not provide staff to operate audiovisual equipment.  The person signing for the use of the community room will be held responsible for any misuse of the equipment.  Person signing is also responsible to shut down/power off any technical equipment used including the projector and audio system.

Storage Space
The library does not provide storage space for personal equipment, supplies, or personal property; therefore all personal items left in the room following the meeting will be discarded.

Room Setup/Take Down
Meeting Room furniture may be rearranged by the group, but the room must be returned to its original condition.  Library staff do not set up or take down tables or chairs.  The room divider must be operated by a library staff member.

The moveable wall (room divider) may be used to attach decorations, posters, etc. with thumbtacks or large post-it charts.  Decorations, posters, or the like may not be attached to the walls, windows, or furnishings.

Food and Drink
Refreshments may be served.  No advance deliveries (catering) will be accepted by the library staff.

The library is not responsible for supplying dishes, silverware, table covers, kitchen utensils, or dish soap and towels.  Nevertheless, the library’s dishes silverware, coffee pot, and other kitchen items may be used – so long as they are washed, dried, and returned to their appropriate location.  Use of the popcorn machine is prohibited.  Any table linens used will be cleaned by the library.  They need to be removed and placed in the kitchen.  Any misuse of the kitchen supplies will be the responsibility of the group.

The kitchen must be returned to its original condition and all trash must be placed in the proper receptacles.

No alcoholic beverages or gambling is allowed on library property.  Smoking/tobacco products are not allowed on library property.

Exit Checklist
An exit checklist will be given to the applicant.  Upon exiting the meeting room, the applicant must make sure that all necessary closing procedures are complete.

Janitorial Fee
All groups are expected to leave the room clean and as they found it.  If damage occurs or if there is evidence of misuse or abuse, charges may be assessed and the Library may assert legal remedies, and future use of the meeting rooms may be denied.  Abuse of The meeting rooms or failure to adhere to Library policies may result in loss of meeting room privileges.  A minimum fee of $25 per hour will be assessed for cleaning if the room is not returned to its original conditions.

The library assumes no liability for injury to people, damage to their property, or loss of property belonging to individuals or groups using the Meeting Rooms.

An application for meeting room use must be made in advance.  The applicant who represents the group must be at least 18 years of age.  The applicant is responsible for the orderly conduct of the group; in the event of damage to library property that individual is liable.  The library reserves the right to deny use of the meeting rooms to any group or organization that does not comply with Library Meeting Room Use Policy.

            Note to groups or Organizations Wanting to Schedule the Computer Lab
This application, in addition to the Computer Lab Group Use Policy – Meeting Room Addendum, must be filled out prior to a group or organization using the computer lab.

An approved application to use the meeting room is required prior to reserving the room (see attached).  All requests to use the meeting rooms must be arranged through the executive offices in person or by telephone.
Reservations are accepted on a first come, first served basis.  They should be made at least one week prior to the meeting date.   The Library reserves the right to cancel any reservation of the meeting room in order to allow for the Library’s own programming needs.
The library also reserves the right to cancel room reservations without prior notice if the library is unexpectedly closed due to weather or an unforeseen emergency.

All publicity shall carry the name of the organization sponsoring the program.  Except as a designation of location, the name of the Library may not be used in any publicity.  The Library shall not be identified or implied as a sponsor without the specific written consent of the Board, or the Library Director.

Fund-raising events are permitted only when sponsored by the Library.

Use of the library meeting rooms by a group or individual does not in any way constitute an endorsement of the group’s policies or beliefs by the library, its Board of Trustees, or staff. 

The Library Board of Trustees reserves the right to amend this policy at any time.  This policy is not all-inclusive; approval of individual meeting situations not described here is determined by the Library Director.  For good cause, the Library Director may waive a Meeting Room regulation or may deny or cancel any reservation.

Updated and approved  4-10-2017

For more information or to schedule a community room, please call 606-679-8401.