Circulation Policy

The Pulaski County Public Library provides basic free access to current, high-demand, high-interest materials in various formats for people of all ages. We create a welcoming environment with friendly, competent staff and strive to introduce children and adults to the joys and rewards of reading and using the public library. Special emphasis is placed on supporting students of all learning levels and ages with their formal and informal course of study and self-improvement.

Library Card Registration

The Pulaski County Library is supported primarily by taxes paid by the residents of this county. Therefore, library-borrowing privileges are available at no additional charge to residents of Pulaski County. Others may apply for borrowing privileges by paying the current fee established by the Board of Trustees. Students attending Somerset Community College and anyone owning real property (real estate, boat, or automobile) registered in Pulaski County may obtain a library card at no charge.
The library has a responsibility to protect the taxpayer’s investment in the collection of the library therefore, individuals requesting a library card must complete a Library Card Registration form and show identification.

Two pieces of ID are required, one piece of ID with photo and one piece containing the current address. Acceptable address identification includes, but is not limited to; Kentucky Driver’s License or state issue identification card, printed checks, car registration, military or government I.D., rental/lease agreement, current utility bill, or an envelope with recent postmark that shows the current address. Post office box numbers are not an acceptable form of identification.

Parents and/or caregivers may request a library card for a child. Parents or caregivers must present verification of address for children under the age of 13 if the child does not have such identification. The parent or caregiver must sign the Library Card Registration Form. This signature constitutes the parent of caregiver’s permission for the child to have a card, and signifies a willingness to assume financial responsibility for all materials checked out on the child’s card. The caregiver’s name will be entered into the child’s application in the library circulation software under “responsible party”.  A current Library card from the adult is acceptable identification and does not require any further proof of identity.

People who do not own property in this county are considered to be non-residents. Non-residents are required to pay a yearly fee of $25.00 per person or $50.00 per family in order to obtain a library card. This is their contribution to the library in the place of paying taxes. EXCEPTIONS: If an individual licenses their automobile or boat in this count, they are exempt. If a person attends Somerset Community College or the Beauty College, they are exempt. If a person has a card from one of these counties, Adair, Allen, Barron, Casey, Clinton, Cumberland, Green, Hart, Russell, Taylor, McCreary, Metcalfe, Monroe, Laurel or Wayne and is in good standing in that county, (see reciprocal cards) they are exempt. The library does not receive any of the occupational tax money.

Gold Cards
The Friends of the Public Library offer a “Gold” card to their members. No overdue fines are charged to the holders of this card, except those created by interlibrary loans. The card requires a $25.00 donation per year to the Friends of the Library. This card may be obtained at the circulation desk. This card does not exempt holders from paying for damaged or lost items or any other fees charged by the library. Gold Card members will get overdue notices.

Reciprocal Cards
The library board believes in cooperation among the public libraries of the Three Rivers Region. Therefore, they have agreed to allow any residents in the following counties, Adair, Allen, Barren, Casey, Clinton, Cumberland, Green, Hart, Laurel, Metcalfe, Monroe, Russell, Taylor, McCreary, or Wayne who has no over dues or lost items on their accounts in those counties to obtain a Pulaski County Library Card at no cost.   They must first request a reciprocal card and after the management staff has confirmed their status at their home library, we will issue the card.  This process may take up to one week or more to complete.

Demographic information such as magisterial district may be gathered in order to plan library services.  This information is used anonymously and is not disclosed in any way that would identify the person registering.  All information provided on the registration form is protected by rules pertaining to confidentiality of records and privacy.

Library users should present their own library card in order to check out materials.  Parents may use their minor child’s library card and vice versa, except for computer usage (See “Rules for Computer Use”).  Library users without their library card must be verified by address.

Lost Cards will be replaced for a $1.00 charge.  The patron’s record will continue to show all materials charged to the former card number as well as to the new card.


Gold Cards
Patrons may obtain a Friend of the Library Gold Card for a yearly fee of $25.00. This card allows the patron to “prepay” their overdue fines and therefore all of their overdue materials are returned fine free.  Overdue notices will be sent to the cardholder reminding them of overdue material(s).  This card does not exempt patrons from replacement costs for lost/damaged items.

Faxes are sent and received for $2.00 for the first three pages and $1.00 per page thereafter.  See our fax policy for details.

Out of County Library Cards
$25.00 per year per person or $50.00 per year per family.

Reserves or Holds

All circulating materials may be reserved except for those items that are not cataloged. Reserves may be placed by patrons either in person, on-line, or over the phone. Patrons will be notified by e-mail or telephone when the materials are available. There is no charge to the patron for placing a reserve. Reserves will be held for 48 hours before they are returned to circulation. Reserves are limited to 15 items per patron.

Due Date Notification

A printed receipt will be given upon checkout listing the titles checked out and the date due. The patron is responsible for knowing when their items are due. If a receipt is lost, this information can be obtained by the cardholder at any public catalog terminal, by telephone, or on-line.

Lost/Damaged Materials

Patrons are responsible for all materials checked out on their card and any child they have signed as the responsible party in order for them to obtain a card  When the actual cost of an item cannot be determined, as for older or generic items, a replacement price will be applied.  Items deemed not suitable for replacement will be evaluated and the department Supervisor will determine a fair price for the item.

Receipts may be given patrons who pay for lost/damaged materials.  Refunds are given to patrons who pay for lost materials, but return them in good condition within a year of paying for the material.  Materials damaged beyond use become property of the borrower upon payment.  At the discretion of the library staff, severely damaged materials may be disposed of upon return, but the borrower is still liable.  Information concerning these charges appears on the patron’s account history.


A fine of 5 cents per day is charged for each overdue item and begins the second day after the due date. A fine of $1.00 per day is charged for new items, Interlibrary Loans, and equipment. There are no fines for items borrowed from the bookmobile. Maximum fine per item is the cost of the item as reflected in the item record. If no cost is listed, the department head will decide upon a replacement price. Full purchase price of the item will be charged for items not returned within 180 days.

Materials Recovery Process

Library materials are purchased for use by all citizens of Pulaski Co. The Pulaski Co. Library establishes regulations for the loan of materials, including circulation periods, renewal processes, and fines for late returns. The Library Board believes that the individual who chooses to keep materials past the due date or who refuses to settle unpaid fines or fees, compromises, to some extent, his or her right to privacy. The library will attempt to recover overdue materials and will notify patrons of unpaid fines and fees according to the procedures listed below.

  • Information regarding overdue and non-returned materials and past-due fines and fees may be disclosed by this library to a collection agency when that agency has entered into an agreement with the library to recover materials or to collect fees and fines.
  • The library will also provide sufficient information to allow any individual other than the holder of the borrower’s card to settle unpaid fines or fees on that card.
  • However, authors, titles, or subjects of lost or overdue materials will not be discussed without presentation of the borrower’s card.

In addition to the assessment of past-due charges, procedure for past due items are as follows:

  • On the following Thursday, after items become overdue,the patron is notified by automated call or an e-mail notice.
  • Notices are generated every 7-14 days thereafter for a total of ten notifications.  Once per quarter, long overdue notices are generated and patrons are notified by automated call or e-mail.  Overdue items at that time will be transferred to “lost” status.
  • Borrowing privileges will be suspended if you account is in excess of $10.00 or 51 items checked out.   Borrowing privileges will not be resumed until your account falls below $10.00 or 50 items checked out.

If you have any concerns about your account, please speak with a staff member.

Confidentiality of Library Patron Records

The Pulaski Co. Library supports every patron’s right to have his or her library card information remain confidential.  Library records include patron registration data, circulation records, overdue and reserve records, participation in library sponsored programs, record of library visits, and/or any data that contain information that links a specific patron to specific materials or services used.  Each patron has individual control over his or her library card and presentation of the card permits access to information about the borrower’s current circulation record.  Except during the actual period of transaction (circulation, maintenance of record on unpaid fines, reservation of materials), the library will not maintain a record of transactions.  When no longer needed for library administration purposes, records will be destroyed in accordance with the State Records Retention Schedule.

The library will not release information to any person, agency, or organization, except in response to a valid court order or subpoena, properly presented to the library director.  If an Emergency situation, the Library Director will make the decision.

Nothing in this policy shall prevent authorized library personnel from using library records in the administration of their regular dues.

Suspension of Borrowing Privileges

Borrowing privileges are suspended when a patron has too many items checked out or fines or other unpaid charges posted to their library card. A Patrons card will be suspended if they have more than 50 items checked out and $10.00 in fines. Privileges will be resumed when the amount falls below 50 books or $10.00 in fines.


  • Regular collection books, CDs, and audiocassettes circulate for 28 days.
  • New books circulate for 14 days and may be renewed once, providing no holds are on the item.
  • Equipment, magazines and videos (VHS/DVD) circulate for 7 days.
  • Reference material does not circulate.
  • Special loans can only be approved by a department head.


A maximum of 50 titles may be charged against a borrower’s number. This maximum is independent of the type of materials. Classroom collections may exceed the 50-title limit.

  • Books – whatever is needed up to the maximum limit:
  • Books on Tape – 10 titles
  • Compact Discs – 10 each
  • Videos/DVD – 5 each
  • Periodicals/Magazines – 10 each
  • Equipment – 3 types


Items may be renewed for the original loan period except for the materials listed below.  Renewals may be made at any branch, by telephone or on-line. 

Materials for which there is an ACTIVE reserve and special loan materials  cannot be renewed.  Overdue items may be renewed one time on-line or by telephone unless there is a reserve.  The fine accrues from the original due date until the renewal takes place.  New/ 14 day books, DVDs and CDs may be renewed one time, providing there is no hold on the item.

Revised and approved 12-12-2016


Click HERE to request an ILL

Interlibrary loan is a process the library uses to borrow material for patrons that are not owned in our library system.  Materials borrowed from other library systems for local library patrons do not fall under the same borrowing guidelines as locally owned materials.  Varying check-out durations, fees for borrowing materials and special handling may apply.

How long to fill the request?

The Library is in compliance with the Interlibrary Loan Code.  This code regulates the exchange of material between libraries in the United States and can be viewed in its’ entirety at

Interlibrary loan service is available for general or personal use and is not to be used in the support of academic programs for schools or colleges.  To request an Interlibrary Loan, you must comply with the following

  • Patron must have a Pulaski County Public Library card in good standing before requesting an Interlibrary Loan.
  • Item requested must be at least 1 year old
  • Titles already owned by our library system cannot be requested unless the item is missing more than 6 months.
  • Cannot request audio-visual materials (videotapes, DVD’s, etc.), textbooks or family history.
  • Items must be picked up within seven (7) days of notification or they will be returned to the lending library.  Any fines charged will be applied to the requesting patron’s library card account.
  • The library patron is responsible for any fees charged by the lending library. (please indicate in the MAXCOST field how much the patron is willing to pay)
  • The library patron is responsible for any replacement cost(s) if the item is lost or damaged  If the patron pays for an item and then finds item, the library will not refund costs.
  • Interlibrary Loan requests will be limited to 3 items at one time.  This means 3 items in any stage of progress (requests, materials waiting to be picked up, and books currently checked out to library patron.
  • Length of Interlibrary Loans is determined by the lending library.  Some materials can be renewed.  Renewal requests must be made seven (7) days prior to the due date.
  • All Interlibrary Loan requests must be in compliance with U.S. Copyright Law.
  • Overdue Interlibrary Loan items DO Accumulate Fines of $1.00 per day the item is overdue.  FREE Fridays DO NO pertain to Interlibrary Loan items.

Updated and approved 4-10-2017